How To Keep The Bubbles In Your Bubbly

Posted on: 27 October 2016
Champagne is the one wine that can really make a special occasion sparkle, and there's nothing quite like the sensation of hundreds of tiny bubbles dancing over your tongue as you raise your glass in a toast.  But what can you do to keep your fizz fizzy once it's been uncorked?  Read on for a few top tips. Common misconceptions One famous tip says that placing the handle of a silver spoon into the neck of a champagne bottle will prevent it from losing its fizz.
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Choosing the Right Undersink Water Filter for Your Kitchen

Posted on: 2 March 2016
Are you uncertain of the state of the water you are drinking and using to cook? If so, cleaning the water using an undersink water filter will go a long way in making the water safe and fit for your consumption and use. Often, metropolitan water supplies and water pumped out of wells might be polluted. This is why you should prioritise having clean water in your kitchen all the time to avoid water-borne infections.
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The Caviar of the East: 3 Different Bird's Nest Dishes to Try

Posted on: 29 February 2016
Bird's nest is considered as the caviar of the east, and for good reason, as it offers many nutritional benefits and is rather delicious. As bird's nest is made up of almost 100% protein and amino acids, this ingredient has been known to aid in healthy development of many organs and glands, aid in healthy fetal development, improve metabolism, strengthen immunity of pregnant women and new moms and replenish one's body with essential amino acids.
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4 Important Things to Consider When Designing a Cake Shop

Posted on: 26 February 2016
Every business that deals with the production and supply of food must be neat, hygienic and appealing to the eye. The interior design must be on point and the place must be kept clean at all times. If you are considering starting a cake business, then you need to expertly design your cake shop to attract more customers and maintain the existing ones. There are several things you should consider when designing a cake shop: 
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