The Caviar of the East: 3 Different Bird's Nest Dishes to Try

Posted on: 29 February 2016

Bird's nest is considered as the caviar of the east, and for good reason, as it offers many nutritional benefits and is rather delicious. As bird's nest is made up of almost 100% protein and amino acids, this ingredient has been known to aid in healthy development of many organs and glands, aid in healthy fetal development, improve metabolism, strengthen immunity of pregnant women and new moms and replenish one's body with essential amino acids. You'll be able to easily find dishes containing bird's nest as their primary ingredient at Chinese restaurants. Here are 3 different dishes you should definitely try.

Enjoy a Healthy Entrée of Scallop Congee with Bird's Nest

If you want a healthy and large dose of bird's nest to improve your health, you'll likely find what you're looking for by ordering scallop congee with bird's nest. The scallops in the congee add umami, which is basically a subtle, pleasant and savoury taste. This makes the congee very appetizing, and it will go well with many dishes. The congee can be eaten alone thanks to its rich flavours or with Chinese side dishes. The bird's nest will soak up the taste of the congee and add a subtle hint of sweetness.

Due to the fact that this congee is very light and yet packed with nutrients, it is highly recommended for those who may be feeling under the weather. The nutrients in the congee will perk you right up.

Finish Your Meal with a Sweet Bird's Nest Soup

Another light yet delicious Chinese dish that is loaded with bird's nest is the legendary bird's nest soup. Bird's nest soup is basically made by boiling bird's nest in hot water until it becomes soft and adding rock sugar for a hint of sweetness. This dessert is very light and will clean your palate after a large meal to help you less full. As the bird's nest usually needs to be soaked overnight in preparation for making this dessert, you should call your local Chinese restaurant ahead of time to make sure that this dessert is available and does not need to be pre-ordered.

This dessert is highly recommended for romantic dates at Chinese restaurants. The dessert is a great way to end off a meal and has been rumoured to be an aphrodisiac.

Try a Bit of Bird's Nest with Bird's Nest Egg Tarts

As bird's nest is made from hardened saliva of swallows, many people are hesitant to try this delicacy and may not be comfortable with ordering large dishes that are made up of mostly of this ingredient. If you want to try out bird's nest without committing to a dish that is mostly made from this ingredient, order bird's nest egg tarts. These egg tarts have small quantities of bird's nest mixed in with the egg component of the tart. They're just as delicious as traditional egg tarts, although some would argue that the bird's nest enhances the flavour and the texture.


Bird's nest is a very nutritional ingredient, and it goes well with many Chinese dishes. In fact, bird's nest is a very popular ingredient in China. Check out local restaurants, like Sun Wah Restaurant & Function Centre, to see what they may have to offer in terms of dishes that contain bird's nest.