4 Important Things to Consider When Designing a Cake Shop

Posted on: 26 February 2016

Every business that deals with the production and supply of food must be neat, hygienic and appealing to the eye. The interior design must be on point and the place must be kept clean at all times. If you are considering starting a cake business, then you need to expertly design your cake shop to attract more customers and maintain the existing ones. There are several things you should consider when designing a cake shop: 

Space Availability

Customers always feel comfortable resting in a spacious and well air-conditioned place rather than a confined or congested one. Make movement easy by allowing enough space between tables and chairs. Ensure there is a comfortable seating area where clients can rest as they await orders to be processed.

Food Safety and Hygiene

The cooking and eating area of any cake or food joint must be kept clean to avoid contamination. When you are designing a cake shop, you need to ensure every waste material is dumped in the right manner. You can consider placing a bin outside or behind the shop to ensure all waste is disposed of far from the kitchen and eating area. If you have enough space, you can put a vase in an isolated corner where no contamination is possible. Any other decorative material you consider must not interfere with the cleanliness of the shop.

Colour Selection

Every interior designer is sensitive about the colours chosen for every space. In most cases, the size of the cake shop or bakery will determine the type of colour to be used. For instance, if your space is small, you should use lighter airier colours because they make the space look bigger. On the other hand, dark colours make the space look smaller, which is not advisable for small spaces. Neutral colours will work best for any upscale bakery or cake shop.

Promotional Decoration

Make every decoration in your shop an expression of what you provide. For instance, you can place some pictures of the cake designs on the walls without overdoing it. This will act as a decoration and at the same time promote your product. People will know that you can offer other cake designs besides what is on display at the shop.

There are expert interior designers who can suggest some creative ideas if you have a hard time with this. Seeking the assistance of a professional will save you the stress of designing a cake shop.