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Best mild Indian food

While Indian food has a reputation for its powerful punch, there are many dishes that make use of herbs and spices to create an interesting, yet mild flavour. Here are some options to try if you want a less spicy Indian meal.  Dahl Dahl is a mild lentil soup or stew that is found at […]

Benefits of Investing In a Brick Pizza Oven

Pizza is popular comfort food the world over. However, rarely do you get the authentic taste of this dish through take away pizza.  Whether you are a foodie or a restaurant owner, it would be best to invest in a brick pizza oven so that you can whip up this delicacy whenever you like. A […]

Enhance The Dining Experience of Your Customers with These 4 Features on Your Restaurant’s Outdoor Dining Space

If you’re thinking of adding an outdoor dining area to your restaurant or if you own a restaurant with a patio dining, you need to transform it with creative designs to stand out of other restaurants. A well-equipped and well-designed outdoor patio will be a boon for your customers and your business, offering a pleasant […]