Why Catering?

Posted on: 25 January 2018

If you're throwing a private party, coordinating a workplace event or hosting a wedding, you're probably knee deep in details right now, juggling guests, venues, themes and, of course, menus.

Sure it's fun; you're putting your own personal stamp on what is shaping up to be a most memorable event, but perhaps you hadn't realised just how much work you'd be doing for that one little menu. Suddenly you're scratching out food plans on the back of napkins, mentally roaming the aisles of your local supermarket past midnight and etching lines in your face worrying about food safety, licensing and cross contamination.

Now your sister's a vegetarian, Aunt Jacky's gluten free and her partner has a peanut allergy. Worse, there's the clean up; a teetering tower of greasy plates just waiting to greet you at the end of the big night.

If there's just one thing you do to cut your workload in half, do this. Hire a caterer.

Once catering was considered a luxury only afforded the rich and famous, but in today's fast-paced world, it's a must. With professional caterers by your side, you can put an end to the stress of planning an event, no matter how big or small. Here's how they do it:

  1. Caterers know what's hot. They can advise you on the latest trends in dining for a range of budgets and help you choose a menu to match your theme and knock the socks off your guests.

  2. Caterers are used to dealing with dietary requirements—in fact, they can tell a vegan from a vegetarian at 100 paces.

  3. Professional caterers have all the gear. Forget those midnight worries about how to keep the soup warm during the speeches. Your caterer has you covered.

  4. Your catering crew comes prepared. They'll arrive long before the event kicks off and be ready to greet you with a smile.

  5. Catering staff offer professional in-event service that's relaxed, efficient and warm (no matter how drunk your Dad gets).

  6. Caterers plan for contingencies. Your dog Bingo bursts into the venue and upends the carbonara? Uncle Bob's sister Mel arrives unexpectedly from out of town with her six children? The power goes out at the hall and the hors d'oeuvres take a turn for the worse? No problem. You caterer has seen it all before.

  7. Best of all, your catering staff will gather up the mess, wash that mountain of dishes and make the venue look as if you were never there.

With a professional catering team on board, your problems will melt away like the greasy gravy of your nightmares. When the big day begins, your work will be over. Relax and enjoy the party. After all, you've earned it.