Veggie Delight | 3 Nifty Tricks To Throw A Fabulous Vegetarian Potato Party

Posted on: 6 January 2017

Being a vegetarian can sometimes be difficult when it comes to ordering food, but it doesn't have to be when you have some fantastic ingredients to work with. If you're throwing a potato party for your fellow vegetarian friends, use these nifty tricks to make it fabulous. You simply need to purchase whole or pre-cut commercial potatoes in bulk based on the number of guests you're planning to accommodate.

Prepare Your Potato Menu Practically

The best thing about potatoes is the versatility of choices you have when it comes to making different preparations. You can choose to make baked potatoes, crisps, roast potatoes, wedges, chips, mashed potatoes, potato salad and much more. Based on your menu, you will need to order differently sized potatoes in bulk. For instance, if you're looking to prepare wedges and chips only, you'll ideally need commercial pre-cut potatoes to eliminate the effort of cutting them on your own. If you're preparing baked potatoes for your party, you'll need similarly sized whole potatoes to ensure they cook evenly on all sides. If you're planning a mix of different preparations, consider how many whole and pre-cut potatoes you'll need based on your guest numbers.

Make Sure You Allocate The Numbers Evenly To Avoid Running Out Of Potatoes

One of the worst nightmares for party planners is running out of food per guest. To prevent this from happening, try to allocate the potato numbers evenly. A standard serving per person is about 75 grams, which constitutes half of a medium potato. This works well as a measure when you serve potato as a side dish. If you're planning to serve it as your main cuisine, you may want to consider doubling or tripling your potato serving per person. Your potato supplier can potentially give you an indication of how many kilos you will need based on your guest list.

Get Your Potatoes Pre-Cleaned Before Delivery

When you decide to throw a potato party, you've already got a ton of things to prepare for, so the last thing you need is to wash dirty potatoes delivered to you. Eliminate this problem by ordering pre-cleaned bulk potatoes based on your specific menu, so that you don't have the hassle later. Most commercial potato suppliers offer pre-cleaned and pre-cut varieties of potatoes to make your life easier; so take advantage of this and reduce your workload.

A potato party is a great way to bring your vegetarian friends together. Follow these nifty tricks to make it fabulous.