Benefits of Investing In a Brick Pizza Oven

Posted on: 23 February 2016

Pizza is popular comfort food the world over. However, rarely do you get the authentic taste of this dish through take away pizza.  Whether you are a foodie or a restaurant owner, it would be best to invest in a brick pizza oven so that you can whip up this delicacy whenever you like. A brick oven can be built over ceramic tiles or a stone deck and the pizza is put in by sliding it on a wooden contraption that looks like paddle. There are several advantages of investing in a brick pizza oven.

Brick ovens ensure a crispy pizza crust

The brick oven ensures that the crust of the pizza is perfect as it makes it crisp on the outside yet still chewy and soft on the inside. This is due to the high temperatures of the brick oven will crisp the outside of the crust before the inside has the time to dry out. Brick ovens also retain these high temperatures of heat for longer periods than conventional ovens. If you are cooking multiple pizzas and want them cooked to perfection, you should shuffle them about every other minute. This will ensure they all are cooked at the same pace as well as evenly. 

Brick pizza ovens are easy to maintain

Brick ovens have a simple design and this makes them very easy to clean. They also do not have any movable parts so sustaining an injury from cleaning them is very rare. This lack of movable parts coupled with the simple design of the brick ovens ensures that they do not become faulty or break down from excessive use.

Brick ovens make tastier pizza

Brick oven pizzas also tend to be more flavourful and because they cook fast, they remain nutritional, as the nutrients are not killed by overcooking. Since the toppings are not overcooked and are packed with flavour, you are guaranteed a great meal. Additionally, brick ovens will typically use wood as their source of heat. Therefore, the pizza gets a unique smoky aroma that adds to the overall medley of flavours that make up the pizza. It should be noted though that olive oil should not be used in your dough or your pizza sauce as the high oven temperature will destroy its flavour. However, once the pizza is ready, you can drizzle the olive oil over it to give it its authentic Italian flavour.

Brick ovens are cost effective

Lastly, since brick ovens use wood as their primary source of fuel, you do not have to worry about increasing your utility bills whenever using your pizza oven!