Factors to Consider When Hiring your Event's Caterer

Posted on: 16 February 2016

It is well known that food and drinks make an event colorful. An event without an exceptional event catering service can't be well enjoyed. This is why in case you are organizing an event much emphasis should be put on the quality and flavor of the food and drinks to be served. If you want your event to bear a remarkable experience to your guests, this is what you should do when it comes to catering:

Take time and ask for recommendations

You might find out that some of your friends, family members and business associates successfully organized events in the past. If you have no experience in organizing an event, it is wise to know from reliable sources who can endorse the caterers they trust to offer a nice service. You can also find out from the internet about different online customer satisfaction and ratings about event caterers and then make your own consideration. 

Visit the caterer's premises

It is unwise to make a booking without even visiting the caterer's premises to get real facts and information on the ground. Make observations about their kitchens, cooking and food serving equipment. Also, strictly assess their working environment, hygiene and cleanliness to see if your food and drinks will be prepared in a healthy setting. As well check if they are licensed by the health regulators within their areas of operation.

Consider the menu selections

Inquire about the caterer's ability to prepare your preferred dishes in the style and taste you want. In case you have any special flavours to be included, let this be known to the caterer. You also have sample and taste their food to see if it suits your expectations. From here you can either ask the caterer to make any improvements or if you aren't convinced then you find another one.

Number of serving staff required

Check with the caterer to find out if they can manage to handle an event with your preferred number of guests. You should know that some caterers can only manage to handle small events and others are able take on big ones. Ensure that they have the needed number of staff adequate to serve your event. In addition, ask to know their prior experience in event catering by observing videos and photos. This will give you an idea to estimate/judge their ability to manage your event.

Planning an event is a tiresome task but can be made easier if you choose to work with the right kind of people. You want to organise an event that will bring lasting impressions in the minds of your guests.Take your time and carefully choose your event's caterer who will add to the value, glamour and success of your event.