Enhance The Dining Experience of Your Customers with These 4 Features on Your Restaurant's Outdoor Dining Space

Posted on: 10 February 2016

If you're thinking of adding an outdoor dining area to your restaurant or if you own a restaurant with a patio dining, you need to transform it with creative designs to stand out of other restaurants. A well-equipped and well-designed outdoor patio will be a boon for your customers and your business, offering a pleasant dining experience, as well as an opportunity to boost your revenues. However, there's much more to it than just setting up some chairs and tables outside. For this reason, if you intend to create the perfect outdoor dining space that will complement the cuisine and theme of your restaurant, here are 4 features you should consider.

Outdoor Furniture

Maintenance and durability of your restaurant's outdoor dining furniture are important issues to consider. The ability to move the chairs and tables easily and quickly is another thing. There is a wide range of table top options for your outdoor dining space, including stainless steel, granite, resin, and teak. Granite, stainless steel, and resin tops will be easy to maintain while those of teak will take more maintenance. For best results however, consider resin wicker because it is all weather (holds up well to extreme/changes in weather conditions), durable, offers almost carefree cleaning (isn't damaged when scrubbed), and comes in different colours to suit your outdoor décor.


Make sure that your outdoor design ensures no disturbance to your exterior plantings, proper management of food waste, and efficiency in the night lighting. Minimize your energy consumption while maximizing customer comfort with LED lighting at night or in the evenings, clean-burning gas for heating, and passive cooling methods such as controlled air circulation.

Insect Control

Insects can easily mess up the dining experience of your customers regardless of the ambiance or comfort of the outdoor space. Controlling them is vital but you should avoid chemical sprays because they may be toxic or discomforting to the customers. Instead, you can position bug lights in areas that customers won't easily notice. In addition, you can use electronic lures, traps, and screens to keep your outdoor space insect-free.


Give your customers some shade while maintaining a dynamic ambient lighting in your restaurant's outdoor space. Consider movable or retractable shading that will offer protection and shade with the changing position of the sun. Balancing translucent, blackout, and open sky can offer excellent results as well. Moreover, screens, trellises, glass, glazing technology, and trees among other shading options can produce diffused as well as ambient shading conditions for your customers.